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A Custom Branded LMS for Corporate Training

Custom Branded LMS Corporate Training

As the global business climate continues to increase in demands and complexity, the need for effective corporate training and employee development is greater than ever. However, many organizations do not have the expertise or the resources to build the content and courses their employees need to stay informed and compete. Given this, there is a growing demand for training from third-party organizations that have the expertise and technology required to deliver effective and customized training programs.

The Emergence of Remote, On-Demand Training

In years past, most corporate training programs were delivered in-person via classroom-based sessions. But more recently, the availability of cloud-based technologies combined with an increasingly corporate workforce have made remote, on-demand training a central aspect of many training programs.

This electronic learning, or “eLearning” approach uses a leverages a learning management system (LMS) as the foundational technology to build and deliver on-demand training programs of all kinds, including corporate training. An LMS is the software that is used to build, deliver, manage, and monitor your eLearning program. And while some companies choose to “stand up” on their own servers, they tend to be larger organizations that have the financial resources to purchase the software, hardware, and other resources required for an LMS platform.

Medium and small businesses are more likely to access the LMS features and capacity they need using a SaaS-based LMS vendor. Or, they may choose to work with a third-party training organization that can provide the entire training solution, including both the services and LMS access required for the program.

LMS Portals for Custom Branded Corporate Training

LMS Portals is cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that provides our clients and partners with the ability to launch and manage custom branded training environments (portals) on-demand. With LMS Portals, each of your unique training audiences can have their own dedicated and customized training environment with branding elements that can include logos, images, URL, and more.

The platform includes a powerful (and SCORM-compliant) course development engine, along with robust tools for learning path creation, group management, assignment tracking, certificate awarding, analytics, and more.

LMS Portals is an ideal solution for any organization looking to offer third-party (external) training, but wanting to achieve a specific look-and-feel for each of their training audiences.

A Ready-Made Corporate Training Library

At LMS Portals, we also provide our clients and partners with more than 140 ready-made and brandable courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training, including Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Administration, and Personal Development.

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