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An LMS for Corporate eLearning SCORM Content Providers

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

SCORM Content Providers Corporate Training

SCORM content is an important asset for all aspects of the eLearning industry, including corporate training. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) serves as a set of best technical practices that eLearning software companies adhere to in order to ensure that their content will work well with the top LMS (Learning Management System) platforms.

The primary benefit of SCORM is interoperability. If your company creates eLearning content, it is likely that your clients will request that your content integrates into an LMS. SCORM was designed to ensure that this integration can be accomplished seamlessly and easily. As the de facto industry standard for interoperability, most eLearning RFPs tend to require SCORM conformance in order to participate.

The Benefits of SCORM for Corporate eLearning and Training

Given its market size (roughly $64 billion in 2019) corporate training serves as a significant subset of the overall eLearning and online training market. And like any other segment of the eLearning market, corporate training teams can expect to derive significant benefits from the use of SCORM content and SCORM-compliant technologies, including:


SCORM ensures that multimedia content will work, even if an organization decides to switch or upgrade their LMS platform

Immediate Use

SCORM eLearning content is ready for use right away with no additional development required


SCORM eliminates any additional costs for content integration


Employees will immediately recognize the content structure, minimizing confusion and reducing their questions and issues regarding how to proceed through a course

Selection and Support

Choosing to work with SCORM ensures that you will have a wide range of content available to you, as well as easy access technical support resources

An LMS for Corporate eLearning SCORM Content Providers

The core technology supporting all types of eLearning programs, including corporate training, is an LMS. An LMS is the application that is used to build, deliver, and track user engagement, progress, and success within your training program. And similar to SCORM content, choosing to work with a SCORM-compliant LMS will bring advantages around interoperability, consistency, support, and more.

LMS Portals offers our SCORM content provider partners a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that is SCORM-compliant. In working with LMS Portals, you can launch private eLearning environments (portals) on-demand to support each of your unique eLearning audiences.

To get started with LMS Portals, you simply:

  • Name and launch a new branded eLearning portal (in minutes)

  • Name your learning categories

  • Import SCORM-compliant courses into your portal library. Once stored in the library, these courses can be deployed across any number of portals that you deploy.

  • Invite students to join your portal and bring them into the specific courses that are relevant to them

  • Track and generate reports regarding student engagement and performance

LMS Portals: Native Course Development

It is important to note that, in working with LMS Portals, you also gain access to native course development tools. These tools allow you to structure and build courses using existing, repurposed content in the form of video files (or videos stored on YouTube or Vimeo), documents, images, and more.

And like the LMS Portals SCORM library, the platform offers a library to house courses you build within the platform for use across multiple portals.

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