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Multi-Tenant SaaS Platform for Training Partnerships

Back in 2018, the founders at LMS Portals, having surveyed the Learning Management industry for quite some time, decided there was a significant gap in the marketplace. It had become clear to us that the industry players had become overwhelmingly concentrated on delivering “seat-based” technologies. Over time, the battlefield had become one in which the major participants were attempting to “leapfrog” each other with new sets of features that added complexity to both the learning and administrative experience while bringing an increasingly diminished return of actual value.

Through all of this industry planning and spending, what remained largely unaddressed was the availability of a platform that would serve the needs to third-party training, consulting, and advisory organizations. These firms serve a critical need in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and general corporate training and employee development. In the post-COVID world, these firms must find a way to deliver training on a remote, on-demand basis in a cost-effective way that allows them to scale their operations to drive revenue and growth.

Introducing LMS Portals and Multi-Tenancy

Given this, we set out at LMS Portals to architect a system that would provide our training and consulting partners with a multi-tenant LMS platform that would allow:

  • On-demand launch of customized training environments (white label portals)

  • SCORM-compliance for importing of existing courses

  • Rapid course authoring using our embedded development engine

  • Learning paths to structure the user experience

  • Access to 130+ ready-made training courses for all areas of corporate training

  • Customizable course and learning path certificates to award learning achievements

  • Powerful reporting to assess the value of a learning and training engagement

  • Social sharing to elevate our partner “brands”

Flexible LMS Partner Pricing

In working with our training and consulting partners, our approach to pricing is in understanding the partner’s revenue model and working closely to create a framework that serves both of our organizations well. In this regard, we are open to seat-based pricing, portal-based pricing, a revenue share model, and more.

In partnership, we act as an LMS “wholesaler” and part of your training and revenue-generating ecosystem.

Getting Started

In most every partner case, the best way to get started is in scheduling a conversation to understand your business model, familiarize you with the features of the platform, and build out sample portals and courses.

From there, we can run some small trainings, collect feedback, and scale your use of the system accordingly.

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