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A Cloud LMS for College Corporate Training

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Cloud LMS for College Corporate Training

As corporate training continues to emerge as a significant revenue stream for community colleges and other types of higher education institutions, the industry is experiencing a shift away from classroom-based training toward online learning, also known as “eLearning”. While this change in preference has been in motion for several years now, it has been exacerbated by COVID-19 and increasingly remote workforces.

eLearning refers to the use of electronic technology (primarily the Internet) to build and manage all types of online learning programs, including corporate training and workforce development. And the core technology that supports eLearning is called a Learning Management System (LMS).

Cloud LMS v. On-Premises LMS

While some organizations choose to host and manage their LMS themselves, these are typically very large organizations that have the resources available for the planning, deployment, and management of the system. Small and medium-sized organizations are more likely to work with a cloud , or SaaS-based, LMS system offered by a third-party vendor.

In working with a cloud-based LMS system, a college corporate training organization can expect the following benefits:

Low Initial Investment

A cloud LMS minimizes your up-front, capital investment by eliminating the need to purchase software, hardware, and other supporting infrastructure as all of this is taken care of by the cloud LMS vendor.

Minimal Operating Costs

A cloud LMS also minimizes the need for time and resources to maintain and manage the system on an ongoing basis. This too is is the responsibility of the cloud vendor.

Subscription-Based Plans

Most cloud LMS vendors help you to further manage your ongoing costs of using the system by allowing you to choose a subscription-based plan that meets your current feature and capacity needs. This ensures that you are not paying for functionality and bandwidth that you do not need.

Streamlined Scaling

In working with a cloud LMS, you can easily add capacity as your LMS needs evolve and grow over time. And you can add capacity without having to acquire and deploy additional software and hardware.

The Benefits of a Multi-Tenant LMS for College Corporate Training

For college corporate training organizations, there is a second LMS deployment you can make to support your business goals and revenue model. That is choosing to utilize a multi-tenant LMS offering.

A single tenant LMS offering uses one instance of the software and dedicated resources for each individual client. This model is often preferred by organizations that need to deploy a single learning environment and require a great deal of flexibility in the deployment. While there is a level of convenience in this, it comes at a high cost.

A multi-tenant architecture, on the other hand, tends to be more in sync with the business goals of a college corporate training organization as it efficiently shares resources and allows you to “spin up” new instances of the application as you sign-up new clients.

Some of the benefits of a multi-tenant LMS for college corporate training include:

  • A cost-effective way to support multiple clients in a single LMS architecture

  • New instances of the application are “spun up” quickly and easily (usually within minutes)

  • Each of the instances of the applications are private portals, dedicated to a specific client

  • Each portal can have its own corporate branding, onboarding, messaging, analytics, and other supporting tools

  • Changes to the system are quickly propagated across all instances of the application, thus ensuring that each of your clients is always working with the ‘latest and greatest’ version of the software

  • The system provides a high level of security and separation of data for each individual client

LMS Portals for College Corporate Training and Workforce Development

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant LMS that allows our college corporate training partners to launch and manage new, private eLearning environments to support their training engagements. Using LMS Portals, each portal you launch can have its own branding, user onboarding system, messaging, analytics, and more.

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