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LMS Portals for

eLearning Consulting

LMS Portals for eLearning Consulting

Multi-Tentant LMS for eLearning Consultants 

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based multi-tenant eLearning platform that allows our consulting partners to launch and manage multiple eLearning environments, on-demand, to support their client engagements.  Each portal you launch can have its own unique branding, courses, learning paths, analytics, and more.  This flexibility will enable you to deliver the most powerful learning experience possible for each of your clients.

What is eLearning?

eLearning refers to the use of electronic technologies (primarily, the Internet) to build and deliver learning and training programs.  In recent years, as cloud-based technologies have continued to evolve, eLearning has emerged as a cornerstone for employee training in support of consulting engagements.

Some of the reasons for the increasing popularity in eLearning include:

Remote Opportunity

Today, as more and more companies explore and deploy remote technologies in support of employee productivity, eLearning has earned an obvious advantage over in-person, classroom-based training.


eLearning eliminates many of the costs associated with classroom-based training, such as travel (for both employees and instructors), venue fees, catering, and the distribution of printed learning materials.


Unlike classroom-based training, eLearning allows employees to learn at their own pace.  It even allows them to revisit important or challenging materials multiple times before they move onto the next section.


With eLearning, students (and instructors) can conduct their learning activities on their own schedule as they can work at any time and from any location that is convenient for them.  All that is required is an Internet connection.


eLearning allows the capture of detailed information regarding user engagement and success.  The review of this data can be very helpful as you work to enhance and expand your eLearning program over time.

Tips for Successful eLearning Consulting

If your company is considering adding eLearning consulting to your client offerings, some things to consider include:


Know the Competition

Before venturing into the eLearning consulting space, it makes sense to research your competition to understand the services they offer, the team they have assembled, their pricing, and messaging.  The review of this information can help you to formulate your own ideas as you develop your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

Choose Your Niche

Every successful eLearning professional brings a unique set of talents to their engagements. It is critical that you identify what these traits are that you and your team can offer, and then figure out how you build a niche, or out-perform your competitors in an existing one.

Harness Your Resources

eLearning consulting engagements are not just about bringing ideas.  Clients today want to know how to you will help them to execute on these ideas and the technologies required to be successful.  In preparation for this, get to know the eLearning technologies available on the market to support your engagements and find out what these vendors offer in the way of partnership opportunities.

Seek Collaboration

Effective and thorough delivery of eLearning consulting services sometimes calls fir the inclusion of talents that are outside of your current skillset.  Given this, it can make good business sense to network with organizations that offer complementary skills to help round out your engagement and to to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for your clients.

Learn about the LMS Portals partnership opportunities by visiting our partner pages.

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