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The Importance of a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Given the increasing number of security breaches in recent years, cyber security has emerged a significant business risk. With the complexity of cyber security and potential network vulnerabilities, many information security professionals struggle to identify and address these risks. Unfortunately, for many companies, security controls tend to be reactive in that they are deployed after a security breach has already occurred. And the truth is that almost every organization has one or more blind spot that can cause them to overlook significant areas of threat. Cyber security risk assessments can help to uncover your company’s risks and threats before they become actual incidents.

The Benefits of a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber security refers to the practices and processes a company puts in place to protect its infrastructure and data assets. A successful cyber security plan implements detective, corrective, and preventive measures to mitigate risk and, as part of this effort, a cyber security risk assessment identifies the gaps in your organization’s critical risk areas. Your cyber security team can then outline the required actions to close those gaps.

Some of the specific benefits a cyber security risk assessment can provide for your organization include:

Identify Vulnerabilities

A proper assessment allows you to identify the areas of your security measures that are relatively weak. It also highlights the parts of your system that could be targeted by attackers and pinpoints any existing security threats for your organization. This allows you to address these vulnerabilities by enhancing your company’s overall cyber security posture.

Create Requirements

After an assessment has identified a list of potential threats and risks, you can use these findings to develop a set of new security requirements that your organization must have to achieve a greater level of cyber security and mitigated risk.

Educate Employees

A cyber security risk assessment can help you to understand (or be reminded of) the significant role your employees and their actions play in causing or mitigating threats. Given this, employee training to include risk awareness and guidance for avoiding security risks is a critical aspect of an effective cyber security program. See below to learn more.

Ensure Compliance

Many companies now operate in industries that have stringent compliance requirements. Failing to comply can result significant fees and cause severe damage to your organization’s reputation. Through a cyber security risk assessment, you can determine whether your organization currently meets the requirements of relevant compliances before it becomes an issue.

LMS Portals to Support Your Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our clients and partners to launch and manage multiple private eLearning environments to support cyber security employee training through eLearning. With LMS Portals, you can quickly and easily build and deliver customized eLearning content and courses to support your cyber security training efforts and monitor employee engagement and success.

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