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SaaS Reseller Partnerships for B2B Sales

SaaS Reseller Partnerships for B2B Sales

SaaS (Software-as-a-Services) solutions are a segment of the IT industry that continues to see significant growth years after year. In fact, more than 70% of companies today report the SaaS delivery plays a role in their operational strategy. SaaS platforms provide an organization with access to the applications they need without having to make large capital spends in hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure.

Some of the benefits that businesses can expect from the implementation of SaaS-based technologies include:


SaaS delivery of business applications is typically seen as an operational expense as the company pays a subscription fee for use of the platform. Company finance executives tend to prefer this cost model as it eliminates the need for a large, up-front capital investment to deploy a new application. The SaaS model also shifts the ongoing responsibility for the management and maintenance of the system to the SaaS provider.


While “standing up” a new application on your own servers (on-premises) can take weeks or months, SaaS applications allow for immediate access to the features and capacity your company needs for its business operations.


SaaS providers can often offer a level of security within the application that is difficult for a business to achieve. These providers tend to have dedicated security teams and are able to spread their costs across their client base.


A company that chooses to deploy an application on-premises must plan for the possible expanded use of the system over time as their company and needs grow. This may mean that, initially, you will need to deploy the system with excess capacity that you are paying for, even though you are not yet using it. SaaS delivery eliminates this challenge by allowing you to scale up (or down) your use of the application as your company’s needs evolve over time.

The SaaS Opportunity for Resellers

A reseller is a company that sells a product or service that is offered by another vendor. In the case of SaaS applications, a reseller partner will represent that offering in the marketplace, either under the name of the SaaS vendor or under their own name (often call White Labeling).

The growth of SaaS, particularly in the B2B (business-to-business) space has created tremendous opportunities for reseller organizations that are looking for new revenue streams.

A SaaS partnership can benefit a reseller organization in a number of ways:

Eliminates R&D

A company that builds a SaaS application must incur a significant up-front expense in the form of research and development (R&D) for the platform. For SaaS reseller organizations, there is no need for this expense as the SaaS vendor has already absorbed it.

Fast Time-to-Market (TTM)

The development of an enterprise-level SaaS application can take months (or even years) to complete. Through partnership, SaaS resellers can start selling application to the platform immediately and not miss out any revenue opportunities.


Technologies and industry standards tend to change over time, forcing ongoing development demands to ensure that applications keep pace with these changes. A SaaS reseller partnership ensures the reseller organization that they are always representing an up-to-date application, as the SaaS vendor take responsibility for ensuring this.

LMS Portals: A SaaS Reseller Partnership for B2B Sales

At LMS Portals, we provide our reseller partners with a SaaS-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to launch and manage a dedicated corporate eLearning environment (portal) for each of your corporate clients. Each portal you launch can be fully customized for that client and includes a powerful course development engine, along with robust supporting tools for user onboarding, learning path creation, group management, live remote training, certificate awarding, analytics, and more.

We also provide our B2B SaaS reseller partners with a library of more than 140 ready-made courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training and employee development.

Contact us today to get started or visit our Partner Program pages

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