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SaaS-Based Healthcare Learning Management Systems

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Healthcare Learning Management Systems

Safety and compliance are critical issues for any healthcare organization. All healthcare employees, including administrators, doctors, nurses, and others must be offered the necessary information and tools that will allow them to provide the best possible level of care.

In recent years, online learning or “eLearning” has become a critical part of this effort. Because classroom-based training can take time away from patient care, eLearning provides a viable and cost-effective alternative administrators and clinicians to accomplish their training activities and can provide a competitive advantage to any healthcare organization.

The Benefits of Learning Management Systems for Healthcare Organizations

eLearning is commonly accomplished through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS). A comprehensive LMS will provide all of the tools to build and deliver healthcare eLearning content and courses and include supporting tools for such things as employee onboarding, messaging, analytics, and more. And increasingly, the preferred method of deployment of a Learning Management System has become a SaaS-based (cloud-based) model.

With a SaaS-based learning management system, your healthcare organization can expect:

Minimal Up-Front Investment

In a SaaS-based LMS deployment, there is no need for your organization to make large up-front investments in infrastructure, hosting space, and labor costs for deployment. In the SaaS LMS model, the vendor has already built out the infrastructure for you and you simply pay for usage on a subscription basis.

State-of-the-Art Security

A significant advantage of working with a SaaS-based vendor is that they are typically able to offer a level of security that would be very hard for most healthcare organizations to match in on-premise deployments. This is due to the fact that a SaaS vendor can usually make a larger investment in security and spread their costs across their entire customer base.

Fast Deployment

While on-premise Learning Management Systems can take months to deploy, most SaaS-based LMS offerings can be deployed in a matter of minutes. It is simply a matter of choosing features and usage metrics that are suitable for your organization.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

SaaS-based Learning Management Systems can provide healthcare employees with the flexibility they need to conduct their learning activities. In a SaaS-based model, the user can access their courses and content at any time that is convenient for them, so they are not pulled away from their job roles. And they can learn from anywhere they choose, all that is required is an Internet connection.

LMS Portals for Healthcare Learning Management Systems

LMS Portals provides a SaaS-based Learning Management System that allows our healthcare clients to quickly and easily build and deliver eLearning content and courses to healthcare employees. Our system allows you to apply your own corporate branding to your eLearning portal and includes supporting tools to measure employee engagement, analytics, and more.

Contact us today to get started for free!

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