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Management Consulting Software for Client Trainings

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Management Consulting Software

Management consulting organizations can play a critical role in assisting businesses in areas that can include business strategy, supply chain efficiencies, compliance awareness, sales and marketing, human resources, and more. Although the industry’s diversity can help to find and fill underserved niches, management consulting firms are facing a growing number of challenges as the demand for digital solutions as part of client engagements continues to increase.

And while businesses in all industries must learn to operate and compete in this new environment, the consulting firms must be particularly committed to innovating in this shifting landscape, given their focus on strategy enhancement, process transformation, and client relationship management. In fact, today’s consultancies will need to adjust their business models, value propositions, delivery structures, proposals, and engagement plans.

The Digitization of Management Consulting

As the business environment becomes increasingly digitized, it impacts consulting projects by changing the nature of research, proposals, contracts, and deliverables. Clients today expect consultants to be digitally savvy and to incorporate this approach and mentality into projects by embracing such things as analytics, artificial intelligence, and the availability of increasingly valuable cloud technologies that can take business performance to a higher level.

eLearning to Support Client Consulting

Among the technologies that management consulting firms are bringing to their engagements is online learning, or “eLearning”, which refers to the use of electronic technologies (the Internet, primarily) as the infrastructure for employee learning and training programs. eLearning is particularly valuable to support any type of project in which there is a need to change employee behavior or increase employee skills, such as compliance awareness, sales and customer service skills enhancement, leadership development, and more.

The core technology that supports eLearning-based consulting projects is a Learning Management System, or “LMS”. This is the application that is used to build, deliver, manage, and track eLearning programs. And while some companies choose to “stand up” an LMS on their own servers, most management consulting firms choose to work with third-party vendors in order to access the LMS features and capacity they need through cloud-based delivery. This approach eliminates the need for a large, up-front investment in hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure and shifts the responsibility for the ongoing management and maintenance of the system to the cloud vendor, thus freeing up your consulting firm to focus on delivering great training and client support.

LMS Portals: eLearning Technology for Management Consulting Projects

LMS Portals provides our management consulting partners with a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows you to build and deliver a dedicated eLearning environment (portal) for each of your clients. The system allows you to “spin up” customized eLearning portals instantly, on-demand, and each portal has its own unique branding, rapid course development tools, user onboarding, learner collaboration, analytics, and more.

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