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LMS Software Resellers Wanted

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Software Resellers Wanted

Online learning, often referred to as “eLearning”, has seen tremendous growth over the past ten years as advancements in cloud-based technologies have combined with growing education needs, particularly in the area of corporate training. The trend has accelerated since the COVID-19 outbreak as online learning has become more prevalent. But even before the pandemic, online education was expected to grow to a $350 Billion market by 2025. This continued and accelerated growth has created a tremendous revenue opportunity for all types of eLearning vendors, including Learning Management System (LMS) software resellers.

What is an LMS?

An LMS is a software platform that enables you to build, deliver, and track training courses and programs. An LMS can be installed locally or it can be delivered by a third-party vendor over the cloud.

What are the Benefits of an LMS for Corporate Training?

These days, companies of all sizes tend to use an LMS as it provides significant benefits over traditional, classroom-based training. Some of these benefits can include:

Decreased Costs

eLearning using an LMS eliminates many of the expenses associated with classroom-based training. With an LMS, all learning is remote, so there is no need for travel expenses and venue fees. It also eliminates the costs associated with printing and distributing training materials and the costs of on-site instructors.

Increased Convenience

An LMS makes learning more convenient for employees as it allows them to conduct their learning activities at a time and place that is convenient for them. As long as they have an Internet connection, they can access and work through their courses.


Many learners appreciate the fact that, in working with an LMS, they can work through their learning materials at their own pace, rather than having to keep up with the pace set by an instructor. eLearning allows them to spend as much time as they need to on any piece of training content before moving on to the next section.


Many LMS platforms offer collaboration tools to enhance and support the employee learning experience. They also typically allow for communication between employees and instructors.

Detailed Analytics

Many of the important metrics associated with a learning program are difficult to capture through classroom-based training. Most LMSs, on the other hand, enable the capture and review of important data to analyze the engagement and success metrics associated with your learning and training programs.

The LMS Portals Software Reseller Opportunity

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant LMS that allows our partners to launch and manage multiple, customized eLearning environments, all from a single, centralized console. Our reseller partners leverage the LMS Portals platform to monetize all types of learning management programs, including compliance training, human resources management, workplace culture programs, soft skills enhancement, and more.

Visit our Partner Program pages to learn more or contact us today to get started

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