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LMS Portals: A Highly Scalable LMS for Corporate Training

LMS Portals: A Highly Scalable LMS for Corporate Training

Over the past decade or so, the shift in corporate training from primarily in-person, classroom-based programs to electronic-based (eLearning) programs has brought a great deal of attention to Learning Management System (LMS) technologies. An LMS is the application that is used to build, deliver, manage, and track eLearning-based training programs, and the various LMSs on the market offer different sets of features.

Choosing an LMS and the delivery method for this technology depends on the goals of your program and your organization’s preference for incorporating new technologies.

The Importance of Scalability in an LMS

The ability to scale is an important aspect of a Learning Management System. When selecting an LMS, you will want to know how the platform can scale to support the needs of your organization as it grows and expands over time.

Some of the important aspects in scaling an LMS platform include:

  • The ability to support many thousands of users

  • Building structure around your user management

  • Adding new courses quickly and easily

  • Creating structure around the delivery of courses to users

  • Implementing self-service features to allows users to work as independently as possible

LMS Portals: Architecture and Features to Support High Scalability

At LMS Portals, we provide our clients and partners with a SaaS-based, multi-tenant LMS. The LMS Portals platform is architected to allow for a high level of scalability through the following.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

As a multi-tenant platform, LMS Portals allows an administrator to launch and manage a dedicated eLearning environment (portal) for each of your unique audiences. This multi-tenant (multi-audience) architecture provides for a great deal of scalability by enabling the segmenting of your various training audiences to provide each with a customized learning experience.

A multi-tenant architecture is ideally suited for Extended Enterprise training and for third-party training providers.

An LMS Portals Branded Portal Example
An LMS Portals Branded Portal Example

User Groups

The LMS Portals platform allows you to further segment users on each of your portals by dividing them into groups. As you rollout more and more users, group management will allow you to more easily guide the learning experience through the use of role-based training.

User Onboarding

LMS Portals allows for three approaches to user onboarding. First, you can choose to have users sign themselves up on any specific portal you have deployed. Second, you can add users in a one-off fashion from the administrator console. And third, you can execute a bulk upload, which is ideal for registering a high volume of users simultaneously. The platform also also provides a password reset feature to provide a level of user independence in support of high scaling.

Rapid Course Development

Highly scaled corporate eLearning programs often call for a significant number of courses to support the various training needs of a large audience. LMS Portals includes a powerful course development engine that enables most anyone to build and deliver engaging courses in minutes (literally). And out development engine is SCORM-compliant, allowing you to utilize SCORM content in your training efforts.

Learning Path Creation

As your volume of available courses grows, you will want to create a learning structure for your users so they are not overwhelmed by all of the content. To support this, LMS Portals allows you to create any number of different learning paths. A learning path is a selection of courses that you group together and deliver to your users in a logical progression. The learning paths feature works nicely with group management to support a role-based approach to training.

LMS Portals Learning Path
A sample LMS Portals Learning Path

Ready-Made Courses

One final element in scalability of LMS Portals is in our corporate training course library. This is a library of 140+ customizable courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training and employee development. Having access to this ready-made selection of courses can be very beneficial as you scale your corporate training program.

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