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Digital Coaching for Corporate Training

Digital Coaching for Corporate Training

In today’s increasingly challenging work environment, every employee can benefit from participation in a corporate training program. An effective program gives employees the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills they need for high-performance in their job roles, which also brings tremendous benefit to your organization.

In the past, most companies relied on in-person, classroom-based sessions to conduct employee training. But in recent years, as cloud-based technologies have continued to evolve, online learning or “eLearning” has emerged as the cornerstone for most corporate training programs. And the availability and robustness of these technologies has created a new opportunity in distance learning to bring a highly personalized and interactive element to your training program. This approach is often referred to as “Digital Coaching”.

What is Digital Coaching?

Digital Coaching, sometimes called Virtual Coaching, refers to the use of live training sessions where the coach and one or more employees engage in training sessions through a web-based video chat. These Digital Coaching sessions are often used to support and enhance the company’s on-demand (asynchronous) training courses to discuss and analyze the knowledge and skills participants have gained through their independent training sessions.

The value in these sessions is in the coach’s ability to provide clarity and insight to each employee’s training efforts and support those efforts with a dynamic element that on-demand training alone cannot offer. Ideally, the virtual coaching experience leads employees to a better understanding of their learning and skill development materials and how to best apply these to their job roles.

LMS Portals for Digital Coaching

LMS Portals is a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows our clients and partners to launch and manage a customized learning environment (portal) for each of the unique corporate training audiences.

Each portal you launch combines three distinct elements to bring effective training to your employees using both on-demand and interactive strategies:

On-Demand Training

The LMS Portals platform offers a Rapid Course Development engine that allows you to build and deliver self-paced courses to your employees. The engine allows you to re-purpose corporate materials, such as videos, PDFs, PowerPoints, and more in order to build effective courses. In addition, LMS Portals offers our clients and partners a library of 140+ courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training and employee development.

LMS Rapid Course Development

Interactive Assignments

The LMS Portals Course Development engine includes a module for creating assignments. Using this module, you can ask employees questions or create scenarios that require answers and explanations with replies in text, document upload, or video reply formats. In this way, you can embed a personalized training element into each of your courses.

Live Training and Coaching Sessions

Finally, LMS Portals offers integration to the Zoom platform, allowing you to schedule group or individual training or coaching sessions. These sessions can serve as an introduction to a course, a wrap-up session when courses are completed, or any other live coaching element you choose to incorporate.

LMS Digital Coaching

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