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A Multi-Tenant LMS for Client Training

Multi-Tenant LMS for Client Training

Most every company now recognizes the value of corporate training for employee development and peak corporate performance. But increasingly, organizations are starting to see the value in expanding their training programs to include client training. While client training programs can be developed to support corporate product and service offerings, they can also create new revenue streams.

The Benefits of On-Demand Client Training

In years past, most every training program primarily leveraged in-person, classroom-based training. More recently though, as cloud technologies have continued to evolve, most companies now rely on electronic learning, or “eLearning” as the foundation for their training programs. This approach is especially beneficial for client training as it eliminates the need for travel and other expenses associated with in-person training.

In addition, on-demand training, using a Learning Management System (LMS) as the foundational technology for the program, allows users to learn at their own convenience and at their own pace, rather than at the pace set by a classroom instructor.

Types of On-Demand Training for Clients

Generally speaking, there are two types of clients trainings that companies might develop.

Product or Service Training

These types of trainings are developed by companies that want to offer their clients all of the learning tools they need to be successful with their product or service offerings. These types of programs can benefit your clients by helping to ensure that they derive the greatest possible value from your company’s products and services. But they can also benefit your company by minimizing the need for customer support, while creating opportunities for upselling and cross selling to other product lines from your company.

Consulting and Employee Development

For companies that offer specialized knowledge and training, such as consulting and advisory organizations, on-demand client training can provide the opportunity to create new and significant revenue streams by re-purposing content for client training. In fact, many companies now look to outsource employee training to third-party organizations that offer these services.

What is a Multi-Tenant Learning Management System?

A multi-tenant learning management system is an LMS that allows you to launch dedicated online training environments on-demand. Unlike single-tenant systems, a multi-tenant LMS is architected to support training programs for any number of audiences while isolating the training activities and data so that each environment is unknown to the others. The platform allows for centralized management, so your administrator can view and manage all of your programs from a single interface.

LMS Portals for Client Training

At LMS Portals, we provide our clients with a cloud-based, multi-tenant LMS that allows them to launch any number of training environments (portals) to support both internal (e.g. employee) and external (e.g. client ) training programs. Each portal you launch can be uniquely branded for that client and offers robust tools for course development, learning path creation, user onboarding, certificate development, analytics, and more.

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