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eLearning Analytics and

Corporate Training

The Importance of eLearning Analytics for Corporate Training

A critical aspect of any eLearning program is in the administrative ability to capture and analyze the behavior and success of your learners. Through the proper review and utilization of eLearning analytics, program administrators can cultivate an online learning experience that provides the greatest level of benefit for their learners while ensuring that every element of the program is contributing towards the achievement of their objectives and goals.

What Are eLearning Analytics?

eLearning Analytics refers to is the capture, analysis, and reporting of data regarding online learners.  The ongoing review of this information can help eLearning program administrators develop an understanding of how well each of the program’s components are performing in order to optimize the user experience over time.

In eLearning Analytics, this data is collected while learners are engaged in the program. Throughout the process, this vital information is recorded to gain an understanding of the degree in which users are engaged in specific courses and pieces of content, and the extent to which they are challenged by these materials.

An Opportunity for Better Outcomes

In traditional, classroom-based learning, it can be difficult to identify and (therefore) deal with specific challenges regarding courses, content, and learner success. But through eLearning analytics, these shortcomings can be immediately pinpointed and addressed through the expansion of content, external links to supporting information, online collaboration tools, and more.

How eLearning Analytics Can Impact Corporate Training

eLearning analytics can be leveraged to positively impact corporate training efficiencies and outcomes.  Some of the ways in which this data can be used include:

Increase Learner Retention

If a significant number of your users are not successful in completing their online training activities (or if they drop out at some point), this may be a sign that your eLearning program is not effective.  The recognition of this can help drive the enhancement of your program toward better outcomes.

Support Personalized Learning

The use of “pre-tests” and the follow-up analysis of the resulting data can help determine how to build and structure your program to the greatest benefit of each of your employees.

Enhance Cost-Effectiveness

While your organization may invest the time and effort to develop multiple aspects of your eLearning program, you cannot determine which components are worth maintaining without measuring the engagement and outcomes of each of your program modules.


LMS Portals and eLearning Analytics

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) platform to support corporate eLearning and training programs.  Using the LMS Portals platform, our clients and partners can launch and manage multiple customized eLearning environments on-demand to support various audiences and capture the detailed analytics from each portal.

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