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White Label Content for Corporate Training

Updated: May 30, 2021

White Label Content for Corporate Training

At LMS Portals, we provide a multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our consulting and training partners to launch and manage private learning environments (portals) for corporate training and eLearning, on-demand.

While most LMS platforms focus exclusively on serving internal use, our multi-tenant architecture and services offerings are designed to enable new, online training-driven revenues for our partner organizations.

Understanding Multi-Tenant LMS Architecture

Multi-tenant architecture can be found in many cloud environments and SaaS applications. In the LMS Portals platform, the architecture allows our partners to “spin up” new instances of the application in order to provide a private, customized training portal for each unique client or audience. This capability is extremely well-suited for any training, consulting, or advisory firm looking to further leverage their unique expertise through online, on-demand customer training.

Each portal you launch encapsulates a learning experience for a single audience, including the branding, messaging, user onboarding, course selection, learning paths, messaging, collaboration, and reporting.

Rapid Course Development

Another unique attribute of the LMS Portals platform is in the embedded engine for Rapid Course Development. Through this engine, most anyone can develop and deploy engaging training courses in minutes (literally), utilizing existing content, such as videos, SCORM files, PDFs, documents, images, and more. Our goal in designing and embedding this engine is to drive down the costs of course development for our partners and make the course development effort shared and ubiquitous.

White Label Corporate Training Content

Along with our unique Rapid Course Development Engine, we provide our partners with a library of ready-made, white label training content. Our library currently consists of 130+ courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training and employee development, including:

Each piece of content is provided in SCORM format and can serve as a stand-alone course or as a segment or module in a larger course. This content can also serve as a component of a larger, customized learning path.

The Benefits of White Label Content for Corporate Training

The availability of white label training content for our partners allows them to “hit the ground running” in providing online training services to their clients. In addition to minimizing the time-to-market for your program, this content also helps to drive down your program delivery costs and offer corporate training covering most every area of interest.

Getting Started as an LMS Portals Partner

To get started, simply contact us to introduce yourself and your organization. We can then arrange for a brief introductory conversation to determine the synergies and potential opportunities of a partnership and provide you with the platform access and training you will need to run effective training programs.

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