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Using Quizzes and Assignments to Test Corporate eLearning Comprehension

Using Quizzes and Assignments to Test Corporate eLearning Comprehension

Corporate training and employee development programs are only beneficial to your organization if employees understand the training content and are prepared to use this newly acquired information in the performance of their job roles. Recent studies indicate that the average amount a company spends on employee training is increasing by about 14% each year. Measuring and confirming employee comprehension of the materials you present is critical in evaluating the effectiveness of your courses and identifying areas where improvement is needed.

The Value of Quizzes in Corporate eLearning

Corporate eLearning courses, like other types of learning, rely on user comprehension of a progression of materials. Training materials presented early in the course typically serve as a foundation for later materials, so it is important the verify employee comprehension of materials they have reviewed before allowing them to move forward in the course.

The most common tools for assessing employee comprehension is a quiz. In corporate eLearning, quizzes are typically presented in multiple choice format where possible answers to a question are presented with one (or sometimes more than one) of the possible answers is the correct answer.

The use of quizzes in corporate eLearning has been proven to be not just a useful tool for assessing comprehension, but for creating a higher level of content retention. The use of quizzes also tends to increase employee motivation to pay close attention to the materials you present to them.

The Value of Assignments in Corporate eLearning

Assignments are a second useful tool for assessing corporate eLearning comprehension. But unlike quizzes, which are highly structured, the use of assignments creates a great deal of flexibility on assessing employee comprehension.

While the term assignment can be broadly defined for corporate eLearning, they are typically used to ask an open-ended question or to ask the employee to provide an electronic response regarding a situation or scenario they might encounter in their job role. The employee response to an assignment might take the form of a text-based reply, a document upload, or even the submission of an image or video.

Utilizing Quizzes and Assignments in LMS Portals

At LMS Portals, we provide our clients and partners with a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system (LMS) that allows an administrator to launch and managed a dedicated corporate eLearning environment (portal) for each of your unique audiences. Each portal you launch includes a powerful course development engine, along with robust tools for user onboarding, learning path creation, group management, live remote training, certificate awarding, analytics, and more.

The platform allows you to create any number of multiple-choice quizzes and present them at various points in the course.

Corporate eLearning Quiz

LMS Portals also allows you to create Assignments and instruct employees regarding how they should provide a response.

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