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The Benefits of Learning Paths for Corporate Training

Learning Paths for Corporate Training

To be effective, corporate training and employee development programs require a great deal of planning and structure. While some training objectives can be accomplished through the completion of a single course, others require a series of courses completed in a logical sequence to ensure that the learner moves through a logical progression in order to achieve a training goal in a comprehensive way.

Learning Paths and Learning Management Systems

A Learning Path combines a group of courses that the learner must complete in a specified order. Many Learning Management Systems (LMSs) now offer Administrators and Instructors an ability to pull any number of existing courses into a Learning Path for delivery to users.

Ideally, the LMS will allow you to manage the specific courses that are included in your Learning Path, as well as the order in which they are to be taken. Under this method, your learners cannot access any specific course until they have completed the previous on the path.

Using this structure learners move from one strength to another to achieve one milestone at a time until the overall learning goal is achieved.

The Benefits of Learning Paths in Corporate Training

For corporate training, the use of Learning Paths offers significant benefits for both program administrators and learners, providing structure and convenience.

The benefits of Learning Paths in corporate training can include:

Add Structure to Your Trainings

In corporate training, the use of Learning Paths adds structure and you with the ability to control the order in which courses are assigned. This structure is especially beneficial for more complex learning objectives that require a training progression.

Guide Learners Toward Their Goals

For learners, the use of Learning Path creates a map for them to achieve their goals, keeping them on track and engaged along the way. By sequencing courses, leaners can focus on the achievement of each milestone without feeling overwhelmed.

Saves Administrator Time

From the administrator perspective, the use of Learning Paths can save time as it allows them to create, deliver, and monitor large chunks of training content as a single entity. When learners complete a course, they are automatically enrolled into the next course in sequence, with no additional administrative effort required.

Learning Paths for Corporate Training

LMS Portals for Corporate Training Learning Paths

LMS Portals is a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System that allows our corporate training clients and partners to launch and manage any number of private, customized corporate training environments (portals) on-demand.

Each portal you launch includes an embedded course development engine, along with a Learning Path creation module to combine and structure your courses into logical Learning Paths.

In addition, each portal includes powerful supporting tools for user onboarding, collaboration, reporting, and more.

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