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Essential LMS Features to Build and Sell Online Courses

Build and Sell Online Courses

Online courses, often referred to as e-learning or distance learning, are educational programs or classes delivered over the internet or through a digital platform. These courses allow learners to access educational content, interact with instructors or peers, and complete assignments or assessments online.

Building and selling online courses can be a lucrative and fulfilling endeavor for several reasons:

  • Passive Income: Once you create and launch an online course, it can generate revenue on an ongoing basis without much daily maintenance. This passive income stream can provide financial stability and free up your time for other pursuits.

  • Global Reach: The internet allows you to reach a worldwide audience, breaking down geographical barriers. You can attract learners from all over the world, increasing your potential customer base.

  • Expertise Showcase: If you have specialized knowledge or skills in a particular field, creating and selling online courses is a great way to showcase your expertise. It establishes you as an authority in your niche.

  • Flexible Schedule: Building and selling online courses often allows for a flexible work schedule. You can create content, engage with learners, and manage your business at times that suit you.

  • Scalability: Online courses can be scaled easily. Once you've created a course, you can potentially sell it to an unlimited number of learners without a significant increase in production costs.

  • Lifelong Learning Trend: There is a growing demand for lifelong learning and skill development. People are increasingly turning to online courses to acquire new skills, advance in their careers, or pursue personal interests.

  • Variety of Niches: You can create online courses on a wide range of topics and niches, from business and technology to hobbies and self-improvement. This diversity allows you to choose a subject you're passionate about.

  • Low Overheads: Compared to brick-and-mortar educational institutions, the overhead costs of running an online course business are often much lower. You don't need physical space, and many tools and platforms are available at a reasonable cost.

  • Impact and Satisfaction: Helping others learn and grow can be incredibly satisfying. Knowing that your courses are making a positive impact on your students' lives can be a strong motivator.

  • Continuous Learning: Building and selling courses can also be a learning experience for you. You'll likely need to stay up-to-date with your field, teaching methods, and technology, which can be personally enriching.

Please note, it's important to recognize that success in selling online courses often requires careful planning, marketing efforts, and ongoing commitment. Creating high-quality content, effective marketing strategies, and providing excellent support for your learners are key to achieving your goals in the online education industry.

Additionally, competition in this space is increasing, so differentiation and continuous improvement are essential for long-term success.

Essential LMS Features to Build and Sell Online Courses

LMS stands for "Learning Management System." It is a software application or platform that facilitates the management, delivery, and administration of educational courses and training programs, primarily in an online or digital format. LMSs are used by educational institutions, businesses, and organizations to create, deliver, and track learning content and activities.

Here are essential LMS (Learning Management System) features to consider:

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate design for both instructors and students.

Course Creation Tools:

  • Tools for creating and organizing course content, including text, multimedia, quizzes, assignments, and assessments.

Content Management:

  • Support for various content formats (videos, PDFs, quizzes, SCORM packages).

  • Version control for updates and revisions.

User Management:

  • User registration and authentication.

  • Role-based access control (admins, instructors, learners).

  • Student enrollment management.

Progress Tracking:

  • Learner progress monitoring through dashboards and analytics.

  • Insights into quiz and assignment performance.

Communication Tools:

  • Discussion forums, chat, and messaging for student-teacher and peer interaction.

  • Announcements and notifications.

Assessment and Grading:

  • Online quizzes and tests.

  • Automated grading and feedback.

  • Rubric-based grading for assignments and projects.

Customization and Branding:

  • The ability to brand your LMS with your logo and colors.

  • Customizable themes and templates.

Mobile Compatibility:

E-commerce Integration:

  • Payment gateway integration for selling courses.

  • Subscription models, one-time purchases, and discounts.

Content Monetization:

  • Options for selling individual courses or offering subscription-based access.

  • Affiliate marketing support.

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Detailed reporting on learner engagement, course completion, and performance.

  • Insights to help instructors improve course content.


  • Features like badges, leaderboards, and certificates to motivate learners.

SCORM and xAPI Compliance:

  • Compatibility with industry standards for content interoperability and tracking.

Security and Privacy:

  • Data encryption and secure login.

  • GDPR and other data privacy compliance measures.

Support and Documentation:

  • Comprehensive documentation and support for users and administrators.

  • Helpdesk or ticketing system for issue resolution.

Integration with Third-Party Tools:

  • Integration with tools like video conferencing, CRM systems, email marketing, and analytics platforms.


  • The ability to handle a growing number of users and courses.

User Feedback and Ratings:

  • A system for collecting and displaying course reviews and ratings.

Community Building:

  • Features to foster a sense of community among learners.

Content Access Controls:

  • Options for setting prerequisites and access permissions for courses and modules.

Multilingual Support:

  • Localization and translation capabilities for a global audience.

Data Backup and Recovery:

  • Regular backups and a recovery plan in case of data loss.

Content Monetization:

  • Options for selling courses, subscriptions, or memberships.

Marketing and SEO Tools:

  • Tools to optimize course content for search engines.

  • Integration with email marketing and social media platforms.


  • Compliance with accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG) for learners with disabilities.

Continuous Updates:

  • Regular software updates to improve functionality and security.

When building and selling online courses, it's crucial to consider the unique needs of your target audience and your specific business goals. The right combination of these features will depend on your niche, budget, and the level of customization required for your online learning platform.

About LMS Portals

At LMS Portals, we provide our clients and partners with a SaaS-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows you to launch a dedicated training environment (a portal) for each of your unique audiences.

The platform provides powerful tools that enable you to build and sell online courses under your own company branding.

The system includes built-in, SCORM-compliant rapid course development software that provides a drag and drop engine to enable most anyone to build engaging courses quickly and easily.

We also offer a complete library of ready-made courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training and employee development.

If you choose to, you can create Learning Paths to deliver courses in a logical progression and add structure to your training program. The system also supports Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) and provides tools for social learning.

Together, these features make the LMS Portals platform the ideal solution to build and sell online courses.

Contact us today to get started or visit our Partner Program pages

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