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An LMS with Customizable Corporate Training Materials

LMS Customizable Corporate Training Materials

Whether your company is large and well-established or a new startup, it is critical to develop a strategy for delivering the best possible corporate training and employee development program in order to grow your business and stay competitive.

Unfortunately, the planning and development of an effective training program can present significant challenges and requires important decisions regarding the types of training your employees will, as well and the best approach for the delivery of training. For many companies, the biggest challenge is in finding a cost-effective way to develop the content and courses you will need.

Four Objectives in Course Development Planning

For corporate training, the course planning and development process should consider four keys to help ensure a beneficial outcome.

Know Your Audience

Understanding your training audience will help determine the best content and format for the course. Different audiences have different learning styles and varying ways to access their training.

Understand the Problems You are Solving through Training

If you can define the problem, it will be much easier to develop a training solution. For example, your Customer Service and Sales teams might derive significant benefit if the training presents them with scenarios and challenges that are specific to your industry. Leadership and Management training courses, on the other hand, can often be delivered in a more generalized, cross-industry format.

Determine How they will Derive Benefit

Some types of courses are best suited for a contextual style of learning (access to training in the context in which it is needed) while other courses require more careful study.

Decide How You Will Measure Success

A critical component in ensuring the success of your training program, for both the short and long-term, is in determining how you will analyze the success of the program. For example, if the closing ratio for your sales team improves, it is likely that they are benefiting from their training activities.

The Cost for Developing an Online Corporate Training Course

According to industry experts, the creation of a one-hour course can take between 80-300 hours with a cost of $6,000 to $15,000. Many companies find this to be cost-prohibitive and are forced to seek other possibilities for acquiring effective corporate training content.

LMS Portals, Ready-Made Corporate Training Materials

LMS Portals is a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our clients and partners to launch a private, customized training environment (portal) for each of their unique training audiences, on-demand.

Corporate Training Materials for LMS

While the LMS Portals platform includes a powerful Rapid Course Development engine, we also offer more than 140 ready-made, customizable courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training and employee development.

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