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An LMS for HR Outsourcing Providers

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

LMS HR Outsourcing Providers

For years, Human Resources (HR) had been perceived as back-office operations without any real strategic value for the business. Fortunately, those attitudes have changed as executives from companies of all sizes and every industry now see the value HR departments can bring and the critical importance of such HR functions as hiring and training employees, developing the leaders of tomorrow, and making sure the personnel aspects of the organization continue to run smoothly.

However, like many corporate functions today, there is a growing trend toward outsourcing HR operations to third-party organizations that bring a specific expertise to developing and managing the HR function. As this trend continues, and even accelerates, it is important to not lost sight of one of the most critical functions human resources brings to an organization: the onboarding and training of employees.

The Importance of Employee Training

As technology continues its rapid advancement and the demands of most every job role increases in complexity, there is a growing need to make sure employees receive the knowledge and training they required to succeed at your company. Providing your workers with consistent and relevant training will not only improve their individual performances, but it can make your company more competitive in the marketplace and help ensure that your people are working within any rules and regulations that apply to your company’s industry.

While employee training can impact a wide variety of areas within an organization, some of the most common types of employee training programs include:

Employee Onboarding and Orientation

Offering training courses and content to help ensure the success of new hires by educating them on how to operate within your organization.

Skills (both Hard and Soft) Training

Skills training can include “hard” skills, such as programming and accounting, as well as “soft” skills, such as communication and problem-solving. In all cases, skills training is designed to help the employee advance their career and add value to the organization.

Sales and Customer Service Training

Your customer-facing employees, including your sales team and customer support group, often require specific sessions that will help them to have positive interactions with your prospects and clients. These trainings typically provide in-depth knowledge regarding your company’s products and services and help them to prepare for all types of customer interactions.

Compliance Training

Depending on the industry in which your company operates, compliance training can be critically important. This is especially true for healthcare and financial services organizations. Providing your employees with training programs that create awareness regarding the rules and regulations that apply to them in their job roles can help to make sure they operate within specified guidelines and minimize the chance of breaches and lawsuits against your company.

Combining eLearning with HR Outsourcing

eLearning refers to the development of education and training programs using electronic technologies (typically, the Internet). As cloud-based technologies have continued to evolve and workers are increasingly remote, eLearning has emerged as a cornerstone for all type of corporate training initiatives. HR outsourcing providers can leverage the availability of these powerful technologies to incorporate employee training into their offerings.

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system (LMS) that allows our HR outsourcing partners to launch and manage private eLearning portals for each of their clients. Each portal you launch has its own branding, user onboarding, messaging and collaboration tools, analytics, and more.

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