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An LMS eLearning Library for Employee Training

An LMS eLearning Library for Employee Training

Companies of all size and from most every industry understand that employee training and development programs are essential to the success of their organization. Not only will effective employee training enhance staff productivity, but they also tend to improve the company’s culture and overall organizational performance. In addition, offering employee training programs has proven to serve as a powerful tool for recruiting top talent while helping to ensure that employees stay with your organization for the long-term.

For large companies, building and delivering a corporate eLearning program is not an issue. But for smaller and mid-sized companies, finding the talent and resources required to deliver a customized program can be a challenge.

The Cost of eLearning Course Development

According to one recent study, creating a single one-hour course can take up to 300 hours and cost as much as $15,000. This approach becomes cost-prohibitive very quickly, considering that most companies need a wide array of courses covering all of the required subjects for effective and comprehensive employee training.

In addition, the time requirements to build an extensive library of available courses can be a competitive disadvantage. Companies are best served by programs that make valuable training content available to employees as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Ready-Made Employee Training Courses

Fortunately, ready-made employee training courses provide a great alternative to the cost and time demands associated with build customized training courses from scratch. Ready-made (also referred to as “Off the Shelf”) employee training courses can offer several significant benefits to your organization.

Lower Cost

Ready-made courses are typically available at a fraction of the cost required to build a course from scratch.

Readily Available

In working with ready-made courses, you eliminate the lengthy time requirements associated with building your own courses, allowing your employees to access the training courses they need when they need them.

Wide Variety

Ready-made eLearning libraries offer immediate access to the wide array of courses your organization will need to deliver comprehensive training that covers all of the various roles and responsibilities of your workforce.

Specific Expertise

Most corporate eLearning course providers utilize Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure that each topic is addressed by a person with expertise in that topic.

Brandable and Customizable

An added benefit offered by some ready-made course providers is in allowing your organization to apply your own corporate branding to each course and customize the content to meet the specific needs of your organization.

LMS Portals: An LMS and Corporate eLearning Library for Employee Training

At LMS Portals, we provide our clients and partners with a SaaS-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows an administrator to launch and manage a dedicated eLearning environment (portal) for each of your unique audiences. Each portal you launch includes a powerful course development engine, along with robust tools for user onboarding, group management, learning path deployment, live remote training, certificate awarding, analytics, and more.

In addition, we offer a ready-made corporate eLearning library of more than 140 courses. Each course can be branded and customized to meet your company’s specific employee training needs.

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