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A Blended Learning LMS for Corporate Training

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Blended Learning LMS for Corporate Training

As technology advancements and changes continue to sweep through today’s enterprises, the need for organizations to close employee skills gaps has become more critical than ever. And while some companies wonder about the benefit and potential return-on-investment (ROI) of corporate training programs, studies have consistently shown that those organizations that do invest in employee training and development can expect to see higher revenues on a per employee basis, as well as an improved overall bottom line.

Many companies have found that one training approach that can increase the effectiveness and ROI on their training programs is in using blended learning elements. Blended learning refers to complementing in-person, classroom-based training with online learning, or “eLearning”. These organizations find that this blended approach can both increase the effectiveness of their training programs, while driving down the overall cost of development and delivery.

Blended Learning LMS for Corporate Training
LMS Portals: Rapid Course Development and Delivery

The Benefits of Blended Learning for Corporate Training

The increased popularity of blended learning for corporate training can be attributed to a number of benefits this approach brings:


Blended learning drives down the overall costs of your corporate training program by introducing eLearning elements, thus driving down travel costs and venue fees while minimizing the need to print and distribute corporate training materials.


By decreasing the amount of time learners need to spend in classroom-based training, blended learning adds an element of flexibility, allowing employees to conduct their learning activities at their own convenience.


For students, one of the challenges of classroom-based training is in the need to keep up with the pace set by the instructor. Adding an eLearning elements eliminates this challenge by allowing employees to learn at their own pace.


Including an eLearning-based element ensures that your employees can access the critical training content they need, when and where they need it. This allows for a contextual-based learning experience and can lead to higher rates of comprehension and retention.


By incorporating an eLearning element through a blended learning approach, you allow for the capture of important analytics regarding student engagement, progress, and success. This information can be very beneficial as you look to improve, revise, and expand your corporate training program over time.

Blended Corporate Training LMS
LMS Portals: Detailed Data Capture and Reporting

Learning Management Systems for Corporate Training

The core technology that supports any type of eLearning program, including corporate training, is a Learning Management System, or “LMS”. An LMS is the application that is used to build, deliver, manage, and track eLearning-based corporate training programs.

While some companies choose to “stand up” an LMS on-premises (self-hosted), they tend to be larger organizations that have the labor and financial resources available to support this. Today, it is far more common for companies to work with third-party organizations that make LMS technology available as a cloud-based application. This approach eliminates the need for a large, up-front capital investment and shifts the responsibility for the ongoing management and maintenance of the system to the cloud vendor.

LMS Portals for Blended Learning-Based Corporate Training

LMS Portals provides our clients and partners with a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that supports blended learning for corporate training. The system allows administrators to launch and manage multiple, private eLearning environments (portals) to support the eLearning-based elements of corporate training program. It also includes features for offline training as well as a Live Training module to support online, instructor-led sessions as part of the corporate training blended learning experience.

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