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OSHA Compliance Software

for Employee Training

OSHA Compliance Software

eLearning for OSHA Compliance Training

LMS Portals offers cloud-based OSHA compliance software for eLearning and employee training to help ensure that your organization consistently meets OSHA standards.  The platform allows our clients and partners to launch private eLearning environments on-demand to provide your workers with the OSHA training modules and content that are relevant to your company and the specific job role of each employee.

OSHA Training Requirements for Employees

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for the creation and enforcement of environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards for workers in the United States. Many of these standards have specific training requirements for employees, with some calling for annual training. OSHA provides voluntary training guidelines to assist employers in providing the safety and health information they need for their employees to perform their jobs at minimal risk to themselves, as well as to fellow employees and to the public, in general. These guidelines can be found here.

The Benefits of eLearning for OSHA Compliance Training

In recent years, as cloud-based technologies have continued to evolve, eLearning has emerged as a cornerstone in helping companies to meet OSHA training requirements.

Some of the benefits your organization can expect from the use of eLearning software to meet OSHA compliance standards through employee training include:


eLearning provides a cost-effective approach to OSHA training for your employees as it eliminates such costs as travel, venue and catering fees, and the printing and distribution of training materials.


Unlike classroom-based training, eLearning does not require your employees to gather at specific times.  Instead, they can conduct their training activities on their own schedule and at a time and place that is convenient for them.  All they need is a supported device and an Internet connection.


One of the challenges with classroom-based training is in the fact that all of the students must be able to work at the pace set by the instructor.  eLearning eliminates this challenge by allowing your employees to learn at their own pace.  They can even revisit important training content multiple times before moving onto the next section.


eLearning allows you to easily capture and review your training data more readily.  This will help you to verify that your employees are completing their OSHA training requirements in a timely manner and for the specific content that is relevant to their job roles.


LMS Portals: Software for OSHA Compliance Training

LMS portals provides a powerful platform that will allow your company to easily build and deliver OSHA compliance training courses for your employees.  Our software is cloud-based, so there is no need for your company to make a large capital investment or to deal with the ongoing management of the system.  We take care of that for you.  And the system allows you to customize your portals to achieve a look-and-feel that is consistent with your company and brand.

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