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LMS Portals

Corporate eLearning Service Provider

Corporate eLearning Service Provider

A Full Suite of Corporate eLearning Services

LMS Portals is a corporate eLearning service provider, offering corporate clients a complete and robust Learning Management System (LMS) infrastructure to build, manage, and review their corporate eLearning programs and activities.

LMS Portals is unique among providers in that, along with a robust eLearning platform, we offer consulting and content development services to help clients plan, launch, manage, and grow their corporate eLearning programs in support of their company and employee goals and objectives.

The Benefits of Corporate eLearning

Companies of all sizes and from all industries are realizing the advantages of eLearning over classroom-based training programs.


eLearning reduces and eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional, classroom-based training.  With eLearning, there is no need for travel and the costs associated with securing a training venue and catering the sessions.  It also eliminates the need to print and distribute learning materials while allowing users to conduct their training activities after hours, thus eliminating lost staff productivity.

Enhanced Performance

Companies are always looking for growth opportunities and for strategies to help their employees to flourish in their job roles. eLearning helps new employees to quickly get up to speed in their new job roles and can assist the entire staff in understanding new technologies and processes. A comprehensive eLearning program can even include courses that teach employees skills that are complementary to their career growth and ambitions and prepare them for leadership roles within your organization.

Flexibility and Convenience

With corporate eLearning, there are no boundaries to employee training activities. One of the key advantages is the opportunity for your employees to participate in online training from any location that offers an Internet connection. This means that employees can conduct their eLearning activities on their own time and work at their own learning pace. This level of flexibility and convenience increases the level of engagement and success in your eLearning program.

Greater Retention

Compared to classroom-based training, eLearning has proven to lead to greater content retention among employees as eLearning courses can be completed at their learning pace of the employee.  And with eLearning, there is greater flexibility in terms of how each piece of content is best delivered to support comprehension and retention.

Powerful Analytics

Corporate eLearning offers a greater opportunity for the capture and review of important data regarding user engagement and success.  The review and analysis of these analytics can be extremely valuable as you look to enhance and grow your eLearning program over time.

LMS Portals: A Corporate eLearning Service Provider

LMS Portals provides a powerful eLearning platform that allows our corporate clients to launch and manage their own branded eLearning portals.  The system includes robust tools for employee onboarding, messaging, analytics, and more.

In addition to great platform technology, LMS Portals offers consulting services for the planning and implementation of corporate eLearning programs.  We also offer development services to build customized eLearning content and courses for your company.

Train your people. Measure results. Drive growth.

All from your own corporate website


Powerful Course Building

Fast and easy course building.  No previous knowledge required.


Multiple Instructors

Appoint multiple corporate instructors to manage learning activities


Quizzes and Tests

Incorporate quizzes and tests to confirm learning comprehension.


Messaging System

Allow messaging between students and instructors


Multiple Content Types

Content can include HTML5, MP4, YouTube, Vimeo, documents, and more


Progress Tracking

Powerful reporting to track student progress. SCORM compliant.

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