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Optimizing the User Interface

for the Corporate eLearning Experience

Optimizing the User Interface for the Corporate eLearning Experience

When your company is designing a corporate eLearning program, the decisions you make regarding the user interface (UI) will be as important to the effectiveness of the program as the content you develop. In fact, a poor UI can negatively impact the entire learning experience more dramatically than anything else, to the point where entire segments of your program can become essentially useless.

An Effective UI Enhances an Employee’s Capacity to Learn

For corporate eLearning programs, the goal is greater than simply delivering content.  The development of an effective UI actually lends to an increased learning capacity by minimizing the cognitive load placed on the learner.  When a learner must struggle to navigate an eLearning environment, they are spending valuable effort and energy in simply trying to access the information and content they need.  This can frustrate the learner and may, in fact, reduce knowledge retention.

On the other hand, a well-designed UI leads to a positive eLearning experience and can help ensure user comprehension and retention while maximizing your program’s return-on-investment (ROI).

Tips for Effective UI Design to Optimize the eLearning Experience

As you plan your corporate eLearning program and strategize for the development of the UI, here are some points to consider:

Know Your Audience

As you consider the eLearning experience you plan to create, it is a good idea to keep your audience in mind and try to cater the experience based on UI’s they may already know.  To do this, you might like a look at your commonly used applications and determine what can be learned and duplicated.

Strive for Simplicity

An interesting thing about simplicity is in how difficult it can be to achieve in a UI.  An effective eLearning experience is not overly complicated and presents simple navigation and a logical path forward through the course.

Go for Consistency

A sure way to frustrate your users is to provide them with varying navigation as they move from course to course or even section to section.  Once you determine a UI strategy and navigation scheme, be sure to use it with consistency throughout all aspects of your program.

Test and Collect Feedback

As you introduce your program and UI to your learning audience, take the time to review usage statistics and ask for user feedback.  This will provide you with valuable information as you look to enhance and optimize the eLearning experience over time.


LMS Portals: An Optimized Corporate eLearning Experience

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our clients and partners to launch and manage multiple eLearning environments to support different audiences, on-demand

A strength of the LMS Portals system is in the UI design and the eLearning experience that we have created for, not only students, but for instructors and administrators, as well.

Contact us to learn more or learn about our partner program.

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