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Build Customized Portals for Corporate Training

Build Customized Portals for Corporate Training

In today’s increasingly competitive, complex, and demanding work environment, the need for effective corporate training is greater than ever. This growing need, combined with increasingly remote workforces has made remote online training a preferred approach to training for many companies.

Learning Management Systems for Corporate Training

The cornerstone technology for online training, often referred to as “eLearning” is a Learning Management System (LMS). While some companies choose to deploy an LMS on-premises, they tend to be very large organizations that have the capital budget required for the software, hardware, and other resources required to “stand up” a new system. They must also have the labor and skills required to manage, update, and scale the system as their needs change and expand over time.

Fortunately, the increased availability of cloud-based technologies has made it possible for most any company, regardless of size, to access the features and capacity they need from an LMS to support corporate training and employee development efforts. And with a cloud-based LMS, there is no need for a large capital expenditure as the cloud vendor makes the system available through a web browser. In addition, the cloud vendor assumes the responsibility for managing the system and keeping it up-to-date as the industry evolves.

A Multi-Tenant LMS for Customized Training Portals

A relatively recent development in LMS technologies and offerings is in the availability of multi-tenant architecture. With a multi-tenant LMS, the administrator can launch a new instance of the application for each of their unique training audiences. This capability is particularly beneficial for:

Extended Enterprise Training

Extended Enterprise training refers to the expanding of a training program outside of the company’s four walls to include, not just employees, but customers, partners, suppliers, and any other entity for which the company can benefit by offering training.

Third-Party Training

The availability of multi-tenancy in learning management system technology coincides very nicely with the growing demand for outsourced training from third-party organizations, such as HR outsourcing, consulting, advisory, and other type of company that has expertise to share with clients.

LMS Portals for Customized Training

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows our partners and clients to launch a customized training environment (portal) for each of their unique training audiences. Each portal you launch can be fully branded and customized for elements that include:

Unique URL

Each audience is offered a portal with a unique URL address.

Specific Branding

Add unique branding elements, including logos, images, messaging, and more.

Customized Corporate Training Portal


Add the training categories that are required for the specific training engagement.

Courses and Learning Paths

Build or upload the on-demand courses the audience requires and combine courses to create learning paths, which brings structure to a training program.

User Groups

Create user groups to deliver role-based courses and learning paths.


Build your own customized certificates within each portal.

User Performance and Analytics

Capture and analyze the detailed data regarding user engagement and performance within each portal.

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