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LMS Portals | Active Presenter for eLearning

Combining LMS Portals with Active Presenter for Corporate eLearning


Atomi's ActivePresenter is screen recording and eLearning authoring software that serves as a powerful for corporate eLearning and staff training. ActivePresenter provides valuable capabilities for developing HTML5 training content, recording PowerPoint presentations, creating video tutorials, and more.

With a combination of graphic and audiovisual editing and recording tools, ActivePresenter enables the development of numerous types of educational courses to support corporate training for all types of learning styles.

Importantly, ActivePresenter allows exporting the content with SCORM compliance (currently SCORM 1.2).

ActivePresenter Output Options for Corporate eLearning

ActivePresenter can bring significant value to any corporate learning program, given its ability to create powerful learning content in a variety of file formats, including:


An HTML5 publishing option available for the convenience of course developers. With the HTML5 output options, you can import your legacy courses into the ActivePresenter authoring tool and retain their attributes when publishing them directly to HTML5. The HTML5 output builds presentations that are particularly effective for mobile learners.


Video is a more suitable format when you are developing content that your users don’t have to interact with.  Even so, eLearning videos allow developers to connect with users and can create a sense of immersion in the learning experience. Video has also been shown to improve user memory retention over other types of eLearning content.

Microsoft PowerPoint

With this output format, developers are able to convert ActivePresenter projects to a PowerPoint presentations by converting the ActivePresenter presentation into slides. This output selection is valuable if the required means of presentation is PowerPoint.  To utilize or re-pupose PowerPoint content for eLearning, developers will often convert the file to PDF and share the content in that format.

Microsoft Word

A convenience for many developers is in the ability to build Microsoft Word documents in ActivePresenter as there may be a joint requirement for distribution of the content in Word format along with housing it in the LMS as eLearning content.

Microsoft Excel

ActivePresenter allows for the development of editable Microsoft Excel files (xls/xlsx). The Slide name, description, and all of the content are exported in one Excel sheet which can be saved to PDF before uploading to the LMS for eLearning use.


PDF Document

ActivePresenter allows for saving of content to PDF files for secure sharing and upload to LMS platforms for eLearning purposes.

ActivePresenter and LMS Portals

LMS Portals offers an ideal platform for developers that are currently using or are interested in the ActivePresenter system as a corporate eLearning authoring tool.  Leveraging ActivePresenter for the development of eLearning content is especially valuable when it is combined with the LMS Portals platform for use with HTML5 and MP4 for interactive learning with SCORM compliance.

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