Powerful Learning Management System Portals

Cloud-Based, Multi-Tenant LMS with Centralized Administration

On-Demand Portals for Internal Training or to

Create eLearning Revenue Streams

Introducing....LMS Portals

Build and Manage Your Own Set of Unique, Branded eLearning Environments

Launch Platform Management Console

Set up your Administrator Account.  From this centralized console, you can launch and manage multiple unique eLearning environments.  Each portal can be branded for a unique look-and-feel.

Build and Deploy Your Learning Portals

Create separate environments to offer unique learning experiences for your employees, partners, and clients. Leverage the system for internal use or create new training revenue streams.

Manage and Review Your Programs

The system includes robust tools for user onboarding, collaboration, knowledge management, analytics, and more. Segment and scale your eLearning activities and expand your use of the system as your training needs develop and grow.

Segment, Scale, and Measure Online Learning Programs

All from a Centralized Management Console


LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows our clients and partners to build and manage multiple unique eLearning environments on-demand. The system provides corporate training professionals with all of the tools they need to build and manage their entire learning program from one centralized, secure environment.  Our platform allows you to logically scale and segment your learning activities by launching multiple, private eLearning portals.


Utilize the system for your internal training requirements or create new revenue streams by managing private eLearning environments for your clients.

The LMS Portals platform integrates seamlessly into corporate websites to support each brand.  Our mission is to continually drive the cutting-edge of cloud-based LMS technology for the benefit of our clients and partners.



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