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Anger Management Training Course

Anger Management Training Course

About Anger Management

Everyone feels angry from now and then as it’s a natural emotion. People often feel angry in response to challenging situations, particularly those that make us feel undervalued or like we have no control. Differences of opinion are another major cause as they can lead to raised voices and tensions as people fight for their opinion.

About this Course

The Anger Management course introduces participants to healthy ways to express and vent their anger, identify anger triggers, as well as techniques to de-escalate an angry individual. It is not always possible to eliminate the things that enrage you. What is possible however, is learning how to gain control and manage your anger effectively

Anger Management Course Outline

1. Getting Started

2. Understanding Anger

3. The Styles of Anger

4. Gaining Control

5. Separate the People from the Problem

6. Working on the Problem

7. Solving the Problem

8. A Personal Plan

9. Communicating Your Anger

10. Dealing with Angry People

11. Pulling it All Together

12. Wrapping Up

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