Working with a White Label Learning Management System

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LMS Platforms provides our clients and partners with a white label LMS (Learning Management System) that allows them to launch and manage their own eLearning platform and programs. The system allows for complete re-branding of the LMS, including logo, images, URL, and more. You can utilize the LMS Portals white label offering to run your own internal eLearning and employee training program, or (through our partnership program) leverage our system to sell custom eLearning platforms to your clients.

LMS Portals: Customized Corporate eLearning and Training Portals, On-Demand

What is a White Label Learning Management System?

White Label (also referred to as Private Label) refers to a Learning Management System that is offered with rebranding opportunities. Through a white label offering, organizations are able to quickly and cost-effectively deploy robust, feature-rich eLearning systems without having to allocate the resources to build it themselves.

Some of the specific benefits your organization can expect from a white label learning management system can include:


Working with a white label LMS is typically far more cost-effective than building your own learning management system as it eliminates the need to acquire expensive hardware, software, and other supporting resources. It also eliminates the need to allocate expensive labor toward the build and maintain the system as the white label vendor takes care of this for you.

LMS Portals: Rapid and Simplified Course Development for Corporate Training Programs


SaaS-based white label learning management systems tend to offer a level of security that most companies cannot achieve in a locally hosted system. The reason is that SaaS-based vendors are able to invest heavily in security and spread these costs across their client base, making the offering both secure and affordable.


While a home-grown LMS solution could take weeks, or even months, to build, a white label learning management system can often be deployed in minutes with your own corporate branding. This allows you to roll out your eLearning programs right away. And for our partners, this provides fast access to a new revenue stream.


A white label learning management system allows you to present your own corporate branding to your employees. And for our partners, this strategy provides the opportunity to present this powerful offering as your own technology, which strengthens your brand and corporate reputation.

LMS Portals: Multi-Tenant (multi-client) Architecture for White Label Corporate Learning Management

LMS Portals for White Label Learning Management Systems

LMS Portals provides our clients and partners with a powerful and proven SaaS-based white label learning management system. Using our platform, you can be up-and-running quickly with your own custom-branded eLearning portal and easily build and manage your own corporate learning and training programs. And our system includes powerful supporting features for user onboarding, messaging, knowledge management, analytics, and more.

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