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Utilize Training Partnerships to Upskill Your Employees

Corporate Training Partnerships

A corporate training partnership is a collaboration between a company and an external training provider or organization to deliver training and development programs to employees. The external training provider may be a specialized training company or a university or college.

The purpose of a corporate training partnership is to provide employees with specialized training and development opportunities that may not be available in-house, or to enhance existing training programs by providing access to external expertise and resources. The training programs may cover a variety of topics, such as leadership development, technical skills, soft skills, and industry-specific knowledge.

Corporate training partnerships can take various forms, such as joint ventures, licensing agreements, or sponsored programs. The training provider may offer customized training solutions based on the specific needs and objectives of the company, or may provide pre-existing training programs that can be tailored to the company's requirements.

The Importance of Employee Upskilling in Today’s Workplace

Employee upskilling has become increasingly important in today's workplace due to several factors:

Rapid Technological Advancements

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and it's essential for employees to keep up with the latest developments to remain relevant in their roles. Upskilling can help employees stay abreast of emerging technologies and work more effectively with new tools and systems.

Changing Job Requirements

Many job roles are evolving rapidly, with new requirements for skills and knowledge emerging regularly. Upskilling can help employees to acquire the necessary skills to meet these new demands and perform their job functions effectively.

Increased Competition

The job market is highly competitive, and employers are looking for employees with a diverse set of skills and expertise. Upskilling can help employees to differentiate themselves from other candidates and improve their career prospects.

Employee Retention

Investing in upskilling and development opportunities for employees can improve retention rates by increasing job satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. Employees are more likely to stay with an employer that provides opportunities for growth and development.

Improved Performance

Upskilling can enhance employee performance by improving productivity, efficiency, and quality of work. Employees who have access to training and development opportunities are better equipped to perform their job functions effectively and contribute to the success of the organization.

The Benefits of Training Partnerships to Upskill Your Employees

Training partnerships can offer numerous benefits to both employers and employees in terms of upskilling and professional development. Some of these benefits include:

  • Access to Expertise: Training partnerships can bring in experts in a specific field or industry to offer specialized training to employees. This can help to ensure that the training is relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with industry standards.

  • Cost-Effective: Partnering with another organization or training provider can be more cost-effective than developing and delivering training in-house. This is particularly true when it comes to specialized training or when resources are limited.

  • Improved Retention: Investing in employees through training can help to increase job satisfaction and engagement. Employees who feel valued and supported by their employer are more likely to stay with the organization over the long-term.

  • Enhanced Skills and Knowledge: Training partnerships can help employees to develop new skills and knowledge that can be applied in their current role or in future roles within the organization.

  • Networking Opportunities: Training partnerships can provide employees with the opportunity to network with professionals from other organizations or industries. This can help to expand their professional network and expose them to new ideas and perspectives.

  • Increased Productivity: Upskilling employees can help to improve productivity and efficiency within the organization. Employees who are more skilled and knowledgeable are able to work more effectively and efficiently, which can translate into improved performance and profitability for the organization.

The Benefits of a Multi-Tenant LMS to Support a Training Partnership

A multi-tenant LMS (Learning Management System) is a platform that allows multiple organizations or tenants to share a single LMS while keeping their data separate and secure.

A multi-tenant LMS can support a training partnership in several ways:


A multi-tenant LMS can accommodate a large number of users and courses, making it an ideal platform for training partnerships that involve multiple organizations or large numbers of users.


A multi-tenant LMS allows organizations to customize their training content and branding, while still sharing the same platform. This can help to create a more seamless training experience for all users, regardless of their organization.


A multi-tenant LMS can facilitate collaboration between organizations, allowing them to share resources, knowledge, and expertise. This can enhance the training experience by providing access to a broader range of content and perspectives.


A multi-tenant LMS can provide detailed reporting on user activity, completion rates, and performance, allowing organizations to track the effectiveness of their training programs. This can be especially useful for training partnerships, where multiple organizations are collaborating on a single training initiative.


A multi-tenant LMS ensures that each organization's data is secure and separate from others, providing peace of mind for each organization that their data and intellectual property is safe.

About LMS Portals

At LMS Portals, we provide our clients and partners with a SaaS-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows you to launch a dedicated training environment (a portal) for each of your unique audiences.

Our platform support corporate training partnerships by allowing administrators to launch a private, customized portal for each corporate audience.

The system includes built-in, SCORM-compliant course authoring software that enables most anyone to build engaging courses quickly and easily.

We also offer a complete library of ready-made courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training and employee development.

If you choose to, you can create Learning Paths to deliver courses in a logical progression and add structure to your training program. The system also supports Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) and provides tools for social learning.

Together, these features make the LMS Portals platform the ideal solution for managing corporate training partnerships.

Contact us today to get started or visit our Partner Program pages

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