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The Benefits of On-Demand Training for Corporate eLearning

On-Demand Corporate Training

The business climate is changing faster than ever. Increasing competition combined with continuously evolving technologies and new pressures regarding compliance and workplace expectations are forcing companies to reexamine their employee training and development efforts. At the same time, as workforces have become increasingly remote, Learning & Development managers are relying more heavily on eLearning as the cornerstone for their corporate training and employee development programs.

Unlike traditional, classroom-based training, eLearning offers an on-demand element that enables employees to conduct their learning and training activities on their own schedule. When compared with in-person training, the benefits of eLearning-based on-demand training can include:


eLearning eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional, classroom-based training, such as travel, venue and instructor fees, catering, and the printing and distribution of learning materials. And when offered on-demand, it also eliminates the costs associated with pulling employees away from their job roles as they can conduct their training activities during breaks or after hours.


For learners, one of the challenges of classroom-based training is in the need to keep pace with the instructor. On-demand learning eliminates this by allowing employees to learn at their own pace. They can even revisit training materials multiple times before moving on to the next section of the course.


With traditional, classroom-based training, it is difficult for the organization to know whether the training materials are being delivered in a consistent manner. eLearning-based on-demand training solves this by ensuring that all employees are working from a standard set of materials with consistent, up-to-date messaging.


In-person training can lead to significant challenges around the collection and dissemination of important training data. eLearning, on the other hand, streamlines this process to ensure that important data is available to all stakeholders, allowing for informed decisions regarding the future direction of your corporate training program.

LMS Portals for On-Demand Corporate Training

LMS Portals provides our clients and partners with a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that supports both on-demand and live (remote) training. Working with the LMS Portals platforms, administrators can launch and manage any number of customized corporate training environments (portals) to ensure that each training audience is offered a unique experience to match their learning objectives. And each portal you launch includes a rapid course development engine, a live training module, learning path development tools, user onboarding, analytics, and more. In addition, LMS Portals offers a library of 140+ ready-made corporate training courses.

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