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The Benefits of an On-Demand LMS

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

On-Demand LMS

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our clients and partners to launch and manage private, customized eLearning environments on-demand. As eLearning and SaaS technologies continue to evolve, the industry is experiencing a shift away from traditional, public eLearning portals in favor of closed, private eLearning environments designed for a specific company or audience. This shift is especially prominent in the area of corporate learning and training where the emerging preference is for employees to conduct their learning and training activities within online learning portals that are specifically designed for the company.

What is SaaS On-Demand Technology?

Software-as-a-Service or “SaaS” is a delivery model where software solutions are accessed over the Internet. Before the introduction of SaaS, users would purchase a physical version of the software and then install that software on a local machine. Through the SaaS model, users can subscribe to utilize software that is hosted externally, by a third-party vendor. This delivery model streamlines and simplifies the process for deploying software, getting updates, and scaling usage. In most cases, SaaS models operate in a pay-as-you-go format where users can access the resources they need by simply revising their usage plan. This is also referred to as an “on-demand” usage model.

he LMS Portals On-Demand eLearning Model

LMS Portals has applied this on-demand SaaS model to eLearning and corporate training by through the introduction of an LMS architecture that allows administrators to “spin up” new eLearning environments on-demand. This allows our clients and partners to easily deploy private, customized learning environments as needs arise to support new learning audiences. The entire infrastructure is managed through a centralized management console allows for the support of learning engagements for any period of time and any number of users.

Deploying a new portal is as easy as:

  • Choosing a subdomain

  • Naming the portal

  • Adding branding elements

  • Creating categories

  • Building courses

  • Inviting users (or allowing them to sign-up on their own)

  • Managing the program and user engagement (through such things as messaging, collaboration, learning paths, reporting, and more)

An eLearning Revenue Opportunity for Our Partners

As an LMS Portals partner, you can leverage the LMS Portals on-demand architecture to create new revenue streams by launching a customized eLearning environment for each of your clients. This provides an ideal way of monetizing your unique knowledge base and training expertise through remote learning and training engagements.

Visit our Partner Program pages to learn more or contact us today to get started

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