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Introducing the LMS Portals Assignment Feature

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

LMS Portals Assignment Feature

LMS Portals is a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our clients and partners to launch an manage a customized training environment (portal) for each of your unique audiences.

Each portal you launch includes a Rapid Course Development Engine that enables you to upload or link to most any type of content (videos, SCORM files, PDFs, documents, etc) to create logically structured and engaging courses. And each portal includes robust supporting features for user onboarding, learning path development, analytics, and more.

The LMS Portals Assignment Feature

We are please to announce the release of our Assignment feature. This powerful option allows for the delivery of customized assignments as part of any course.

To add an assignment to a course:

Click the Add Assignment button from within the LMS Portals Course Builder.

The Create Assignment window appears.

Give the assignment a Title and Select a Module in which the assignment should appear. You can then add a Question or instruction to the user. You may also choose to upload a file for the assignment.

The user will see the assignment as part of a course and may choose to offer a written answer and /or upload their answer.

The Administrator can then review assignment submissions

The Administrator can then choose to:

  1. Accept an answer as complete/correct

  2. Ask the user to expand on or clarify their answer

  3. Mark the answer as incorrect

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