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Facilitation Skills Training Course

Facilitation Skills Training Course

About Facilitation Skills

Facilitation skills are an essential element of effective meetings as they supply teams with the energy and expertise they need to identify a problem or address a topic at hand and achieve creative solutions and consensus among participants.

About this Course

The Facilitation Skills course can help any organization make better decisions. This course provides participants with an understanding of what facilitation is all about, as well as some tools that they can use to facilitate meetings. A strong understating of how a facilitator can command a room and dictate the pace of a meeting will have participants on the road to becoming great facilitators themselves.

Facilitation Skills Course Outline

1. Getting Started

2. Understanding Facilitation

3. Process vs. Content

4. Laying the Groundwork

5. Tuckman and Jensen's Model of Team Development

6. Building Consensus

7. Reaching a Decision Point

8. Dealing with Difficult People

9. Addressing Group Dysfunction

10. About Intervention

11. Intervention Techniques

12. Wrapping Up

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