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eLearning Hosting for Corporate Users

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

eLearning Hosting

LMS Portals offers a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) platform that provides eLearning hosting for corporate users looking to build a robust, SaaS-based eLearning program. Our system includes all of the tools and hosting options corporate organizations require to build, manage, and monitor comprehensive eLearning programs that support employee development and corporate growth.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting for eLearning

Cloud-based (also referred to as SaaS-based) applications are becoming a favored method for businesses of all sizes that are looking to deploy new software. Cloud-based deployments tend to be fast, secure and allow for easy and seamless scalability as the needs of your company evolve and grow over time.

Some of the specific benefits you can expect if you choose cloud-based eLearning hosting include:

Fast Deployment

With cloud-based eLearning, there is no need to plan and build out the infrastructure required to run your eLearning platform. You simply choose a usage plan that works for your organization and (typically) sign-up on a subscription basis. The eLearning services are then immediately made available for your users.


Unlike locally hosted eLearning, cloud hosting does not require a need to purchase and manage your own hardware and software infrastructure. You are simply leveraging the platform your vendor has already deployed in their own cloud-based environment. And with cloud hosting, there is no need for your IT staff to manage your eLearning solution as the vendor takes care of this for you as part of the service.


Most cloud-based eLearning solutions will allow you to quickly scale up (or down) your eLearning features and capacity “on-demand” as the needs of your company change. This scalability helps to support your company growth as well as your evolving eLearning needs.


Most cloud-hosted eLearning systems allow flexible and convenience usage in that employees can conduct their learning activities from anywhere. All that is required is an Internet connection. This approach allows users to conduct their learning activities at their own convenience and pace.


Most cloud-based eLearning vendors are able to provide a higher level of security than a company to build in an on-premise deployment. This is due to the fact that they can invest heavily in the latest security technologies and spread this investment, along with the ongoing expenses, over their complete client base that is leveraging the platform.

LMS Portal for eLearning Hosting

LMS Portals provides powerful cloud-based eLearning hosting for corporate users looking to take advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based LMS platform. Our system allows corporate users to build and manage their own branded platform to support corporate eLearning activities. And the system includes a robust set of supporting tools for employee onboarding, messaging, analytics, and more.

Contact us today to get started for free!

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