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Multi-Tenant Architecture for Custom eLearning Development

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Custom eLearning Development

LMS Portals offers a SaaS-based Learning Management System on a multi-tenant architecture to allow our clients and partners to offer custom development for their eLearning end-users. With LMS Portals, you can launch and manage multiple eLearning environments from a single administrative console, allowing you to create a private, customized eLearning environment for each of your audiences. This unique opportunity for custom eLearning development is one of the core features of the LMS Portals platform and will help to drive maximum user engagement and an optimal learning experience for your users.

How Multi-Tenancy Works in SaaS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a method of software delivery where a third-party hosts the application in the cloud and makes it accessible for the users through the Internet and a browser. In SaaS delivered applications, multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of the application serves multiple customers, or tenants. The architecture typically offers centralized administration and leverages a common code application to operate these common instance(s). Multi-tenancy also secures the private data for each of the tenants from the other.

The benefits of multi-tenant SaaS include:

Customization Opportunities

Multi-tenant based applications allow for an additional layer to enable customizations while still maintaining the underlying codebase, which remains constant for all tenants).


Multi-tenancy streamlines maintenance and management processes to saves time and cost. In addition, the infrastructure requirements for multi-tenancy application are minimized and there is no need to configure a dedicated set of resources.

Easy Upgrades

Through multi-tenancy, the vendor can update the codebase of a single application and make the changes instantly available to all users. This also makes the process of spinning up an additional instance of the software for a new customer fast and easy.

LMS Portals for Custom eLearning Development

LMS Portals allows our clients and partners to leverage the system’s multi-tenant architecture to provide custom eLearning development to their end-users. Some of the customizable areas for your eLearning environments include:


Each private eLearning environment you launch can include unique branding elements, such as logos, images, titles, favicons, and more.

Learning Paths

Each portal can offer custom learning paths to support the unique learning needs of each type of user and end-user brings onto their portal.

Collaboration and Messaging

Private eLearning environments allows for “closed” communication and collaboration among portal users to support and enhance their learning experience.

Detailed Analytics

Each portal offers its own capture and review of engagement and usage data in order for administrators to monitor the user experience and identify opportunities for improvement.

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