Inviting Students to Your LMS Portal

LMS Portals provides Administrators with two ways of inviting students to participate, Individually and in Bulk.

This article outlines the process for adding students on an Individual basis.  Click here to learn how to invite students in bulk using the Import feature.

Invite Students Individually:

1. After logging in as a Portal Administrator, choose Students from the left-hand navigation bar
2. From the upper right-hand corner of the Students screen, click Add Student
3. The Student Add Form appears and defaults to the Basic Info section.  Enter the student's first and last name and ass a student photo (optional).
Click the Right Arrow when complete
4. The Login Credentials section appears.  Enter the student's Email Address and Password.  (Please note that the student can change these later when they login themselves.)
Click the Right Arrow when complete
5. The Finish section appears.  Click Submit to complete the process of adding the student.
The Student is added to the complete list of students

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