How to Add Learning Content to Your

LMS Portals Courses

LMS Portals allows Portal Administrators to add and modify learning content to their courses with support for various content types in order to create a rich learning experience for your employees.

Note: Content can be added to your course after you have set up the basic course information.

1. After logging in as the Portal Administrator, choose Courses from the left-hand navigation
2. From your list of Courses, find the Course to which you want to add content and choose
Section & lesson

Before adding specific pieces of learning material, you must first add the Section in which the learning material will be added

3. The Course Manager screen appears and defaults to the Curriculum section Click the
Add Section button.
4. The Add New Section box appears.  Name the new Section and click Submit.
5. The New Section is now available to accept Lessons.  Click the Add Lessons button to add a new Lesson.
6. the Add New Lesson box appears.  Give the Lesson a Title, select the Section for the Lesson, and choose the Lesson Type from the dropdown.
7. Once completed.  Click the Add Lesson button to save the new Lesson
Your Lesson now appears under its Section
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